Animal Care and Use

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Rodents or other Non-Primate Species

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AALAS & AALAS Learning Library

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Occupational Health Requirements

  • Have your supervisor go to the OHSS Tool and select the "Learn about OHSS Process" then initiate the "Risk Assessment and Health Surveillance Questionnaire." This is required for everyone who has direct or indirect contact with animals.
    • This risk assessment will need to be updated each time your medical assessment is renewed, and the frequency of renewal is determined by Occupational Health.
    • Note that volunteers must have a Kerberos login to access the system.  To obtain a Kerberos login under the Temporary Affiliate Form (TAF), please have supervisor initiate this process. 


Vivarium access mandatory and optional trainings

Working with Non-Human Primates

Occupational Health Requirements

  •  Complete the Occupational Health Requirement for non-human primate health clearance by completing these steps:
    • Please note that this clearance is required for all individuals working with non-human primates, unfixed primate tissue, or unfixed human tissue and needs to be repeated annually.  
      • Print and fill out the Request and Authorization form.
        • Check the box for Primate Access (CNS).
      • Have the PI sign and authorize the form.
      • Email the completed form to
      • Call Occupational Health Services at (530) 757-6051 to schedule an appointment.
      • Remember to have continued uninterrupted non-human primate health clearance, you will need to visit Occupational Health once every calendar year.

Training for Primate Vivarium Access